5 Best Forex Brokers to Buy Bitcoin in 2020

Forex is one form of trading that people are now obsessed about and is growing in popularity so much so that it even surpasses the revenue generation of stocks. The currency pair that traders use to make profits keep differing in their value as the economic conditions change. If you are an avid forex trader, you might very well know how the market functions and what you need to stay stable in the trade. You surely have to apply specific strategies, and above that, you need to have a proper approach towards the trade. Now that even Bitcoin is being traded on forex, the scope is broadening.

Technology is taking over the world economy with the diffusion of digital currency into forex being the latest talk both in the crypto-verse in the exchanges. Many forex brokers are now offering cryptocurrency trading over their platform and familiarizing forex trade to more people around the globe. As a new decade is here and everything is being reviewed, there is a high demand for a thorough study on what are the possibilities of Bitcoin in forex trading. 2020 is supposed to bring more exciting innovations to kickstart a new era of technology. Let us now have a look at some of the forex brokers that are offering Bitcoin trade in their platform.


eToro is considered as the best forex broker for overall crypto trading. It is a copy trading platform which is easy to use and understand. eToro offers both physical cryptocurrency trading and CFDs. The proprietary code for decentralized exchange has also been made open-sourced by eToro to add to the launch of an individual crypto wallet. With the trade of more than a hundred digital asset pairs being offered, eToro is the best pick in 2020.



This globally trusted brand has enabled the cryptocurrency holders to trade non-CFDs of the largest digital assets such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Swissquote is being regulated and publicly-traded in some of the biggest market centers in the world. This is also a good pic for overall crypto trading.


Many favorable contract specifications, flexible market requirements, and weekend training are offered along with the eight CFD crypto pairs for trade on IG. The ten largest tokens are represented by their performance on a CFD called Crypto 10, which provides the passive investors with opportunities to invest in the highly prospective future of crypto without the need for a trade of individual token pairs. You can opt for IG if you prefer flexible trading.


CFD traders are offered a lot of opportunities to trade over 16 digital asset pairs with the weekend trading to add to the potential of XTB. This respectable cryptocurrency offering XTB is backed by competitive pricing. You can go for XTB for its great features, among which the customer service is the most impressive one.



Forex.com offers traders with eight top crypto assets to buy and sell, and competitive pricing in terms of its overnight financing and spreads over large-cap assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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