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Young Buck net worthDavid Darnell Brown, better known as Young Buck, is an American rapper, record producer and actor. He gained prominence as a member of G-Unit & UTP Playas and is currently leading his own record company Ca$hville Records. In 2012 David started serving his jail sentence for illegal gun possession. He is ought to be released by the end of 2013. As for a member of one of the most famous hip-hop groups, Young Buck net worth is quite petty. He currently holds assets worth some $300 thousand.
Inspired by his neighbor and friend Clay Cole, Young started rapping at the age of 12. When he heard his rhymes for the first time Young Buck got so jealous of Clay’s talent, he set himself a goal to become better than his friend or die trying. When Cole left to pursue his career in Florida, David started recording his first tracks. Soon he was offered to sign with Brian Baby Williams and his company.

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