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Vladimir Putin net worthVladimir Vladimirovich Putin is one of the most prominent Russian politicians in modern history. He was first elected President of Russia in 2000 and served for two consecutive terms. During the period 2008-2012 Putin has been the Prime Minister of Russia, while Medvedev, his closest political partner, served as a President. After the four years break, that is required by the constitution of this eastern country, Vladimir returned to the office as a President again. Before his reelection in 2012 Putin was also the Chairman of the most influential Russian political party, United Russia. Although his official presidential salary is quite modest (Putin has publicly declared that he receives $187 thousand), according to some sources Vladimir Putin net worth amounts to $70 billion.
The current Vladimir Putin net worth seems even more impressive if you take into consideration that the future President was born in the especially humble family.

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vladimir putin net worth

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