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About Vincent Herbert

Vincent Herbert net worthVincent Herbert is mainly known as a producer of various popular artists of today, such as Lady Gaga. It has been announced that Vincent Herbert net worth reaches an amount of 10 million dollars. In addition to being a producer, he is known as a writer and also as a founder of a record label company called Streamline Records. Vincent Herbert net worth has been accumulated through his work with various artists such as the previously mentioned Lady Gaga and others, such as Destiny’s Child.
At first, Vincent Herbert became known as a producer and later he gained recognition as having his own TV show, which is called “Tamar & Vince”. In the TV show, he is appearing with his wife Tamar Braxton, who is a singer and a song writer. The show is broadcasted on the WE TV channel and it portrays the life of the couple with Tamar Braxton trying to become a world known mega star.

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