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Tupac net worthTupac Amaru Shakur, better known as 2Pac, was a rap legend and actor from the United States. By 2010, almost fifteen years after his death, Tupac has sold over 75 million records, making him one of the best selling recording artists in history. Rolling Stone magazine has mentioned his name among 100 all-time greatest artists. The themes of his lyrics covered violence and other problems in inner cities, including racism and conflicts among the West Coast and East Cost rappers. 2Pac’s death from multiple gunshots in 1996 shocked the rap fans all over the world. At the time he was shot Tupac net worth was estimated at $40 million.
Tupac was born in East Harlem, in 1971. Both his father Billy Gerland and his mother Afeni Shakur were active members of Black Panther, an American revolutionary socialist organization, which was active until 1982. They named their son in honor of Peruvian revolutionary Tupac Amaru. Since his childhood the boy lived among people who were constantly in and out of jail.

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