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Tony Robbins net worthAnthony or just Tony Robbins is an author of many popular self-help books, motivational speaker and a television personality, best known for his works Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement. His books cover the topics like energy, health, persuasive communication, overcoming fears and phobias, enhancing relationships. Tony Robbins net worth is currently estimated at $508 million.
Robin was born in California in 1960 and raised in Azusa. While attending Glendora High School Tony and his family sheltered in a small apartment, his parents were not able to help him financially in the beginning of his career. As stated by Tony himself, during his yearly years he rented a small, cheap apartment far away from the centre of Los Angeles city and dreamed about moving into his own mansion with a huge yard and a fountain. By 1984 Tony Robbins net worth has reached such an extent, he was able to afford buying a castle designed by Richard Requa, worth nearly two million dollars.

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