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Tom Hanks net worthTom Hanks, full name Thomas Jeffrey Hanks, is an excellent American actor, film producer, director and writer, best known from such award winning movies like Apollo 13, The Green Mile, Sleepless in Seattle, Catch Me if You Cam, Forest Gump, The da Vinci Code, Angels and Daemons, Philadelphia and many others. During his career in movie industry Tom has won numerous accolades, including Golden Globe, People’s Choice, Screen Actors Guild, and Academy Awards for Best Actor. Tom Hanks net worth is currently estimated at $350 million.
Tom was born in California, in a family of Amos Mefford and Janet Marylyn Hanks. His father, a cook, was of British ancestry and his mom, a hospital worker, was of Portuguese decent. Tom’s parents divorced when he was only four year old, and a boy along with his two elder siblings stayed with their father. Only the youngest child, Jim, moved to live with their mother. Despite the unhappy marriage, it looks like Hanks managed to raise his children to be a great people.

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tom hanks net worth tom hanks net worth

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