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About Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle net worthSusan Boyle is considered to be as a British sensation. It has been announced that the current estimate of Susan Boyle net worth reaches 18 million dollars. Susan Boyle is a singer from Scotland. She became well known when she appeared in a TV show called “Britain’s Got Talent” and proved that Britain really has talent. Susan Boyle sang the song from “Les Miserables” called “I Dreamed a Dream” and soon became an internationally known sensation. Although her looks were considered somewhat not stage appropriate, since it looked like she did not wear any make up, Susan Boyle’s voice proved that she is a really skillful singer.
In 2009, Susan Boyle released her first album. The album hit the top of various charts all around the world. Sales of it also increased Susan Boyle net worth a lot.

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