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Steven Tyler net worthSteven Tyler, real name Steven Victor Tallarico, is best known as the main singer of the legendary band Aerosmith. Steve is also a songwriter and plays harmonica, piano, and percussion. For the extremely wide voice range and a specific character Tyler is sometimes called “Demon of Screaming”. The Rolling Stone, one of the most influential US magazines, has ranked Steven Taylor among the greatest singers of all time. Steven Tyler net worth is currently estimated at $130 million.
Steven was born in 1948 in a family of Susan and Victor A. Tallarico.
His father was a skilled pianist, classical musician. It seems like along with the name Steven has inherited his talent. Tyler’s father was of German and Italian ancestry, his mother was of English and Polish decent. Tyler co-founded Aerosmith in the beginning of 70s, when he was just a little over 20 year old. Some of their signature songs, like “Dream on”, were written by Tyler even before that.

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steven tyler net worth steven tyler net worth

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