Stephen A. Smith net worth

Stephen A. Smith net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Stephen A. Smith

It has been reported that Stephen A. Smith net worth has an estimate of 2 million dollars. It has been also stated that his yearly salary reaches 400 thousand dollars. In the entertainment industry, Stephen A. Smith is mostly referred to as a sports media figure. Sports is also the involvement of his, which added the most revenues to Stephen A. Smith net worth.

Stephen A. Smith got the most financial success through various careers he has been involved to, as well, such as radio and TV sports journalist, print journalist as well as acting of various kinds. In 1993, he got his first major job as a journalist, when he was hired by a New York City newspaper called “The Daily News” to write for the column of sports. One year later, he became a journalist of another massive print paper, called “The Philadelphia Inquirer”. These two jobs were the ones, which started to get him huge sums of money, which also increased the overall sum of Stephen A. Smith net worth.

Working for “The Philadelphia Inquirer” was one of the most fruitful careers he has been involved into. Not only it added a lot of financial success to his net worth, but it also made him the head sports columnist of the paper. His career in “The Philadelphia Inquirer” lasted for fourteen years till he finally was terminated from working for the paper in 2008.

However, after the court order, he was reinstated but he had to promise that he would eliminate all his political views and attitudes from his columns published in the paper, on TV and his official website. Like a lot of sports journalists, Stephen A. Smith has also been involved in radio shows, which is another important source of Stephen A. Smith net worth.

In addition, he has been known from various TV shows, mainly the programs which are broadcasted on the ESPN channel, such as “Jim Rome Is Burning”, “Pardon the Interruption” and “1st and 10”. In addition he has made some cameo appearances in some TV shows and TV operas, such as “General Hospital”. Furthermore, Stephen A. Smith has appeared in a movie of Chris Rock called “I Think I Love My Wife”. These TV appearances also have added a lot to the total amount of Stephen A. Smith net worth. Therefore, starting from his career as a sports journalist, he moved a lot till finally becoming a huge radio and TV show star as well as writing columns for high profile newspapers.

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