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Stan Lee net worthStan Lee, real name Stanley Martin Lieber, is a comic book writer, publisher, editor, chairman and former president of Marvel Comics, comic book and relative media publishing company. During his years as the head of this company Stan has grown the Marvel Comics from small division into huge multimedia corporation. Stan is a co-creator of such widely known characters like Hulk, X-Man, Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, Thor, Ironman and many other our childhood superheroes. Stan Lee net worth is currently estimated at $200 million.
Stanley was born in New York over 90 year ago. His parents were Jewish immigrants from Romania. His father, a tailor by profession, could barely find a job after the Great Depression and the family lived in constant deprivation. The Liebers lived in a one room apartment, his parents used to sleep on the caught and Stan shared the bed with his brother, Larry Lieber. Just as his older brother Larry is a comic book artist and writer, although his capital is much smaller than Stan Lee net worth.

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