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Prince net worthPrince Rogers Nelson, professionally known as Prince, is a famous American musician, singer, actor and songwriter. During his lengthy career Prince has released numerous albums, ten of which was certified Platinum by the Recording Industries Association of America and produced over 40 chart-topping singles. Prince finds details particularly important and likes to control every aspect of his records. For this purpose he founded a private recording label, which allows him to manage the processes of record design and promotion. Prince net worth is currently estimated at $250 million, making him one of the wealthiest artists in the United States. As a songwriter Prince is extremely productive. Many of his songs has been recorded by other artist, including Sinead O’Connor, Kim Besinger and The Bangles, and still hundreds of them remain in his drawers unpublished.
Prince was born and raised in Minneapolis. His talent and creativity unfolded particularly early- the boy was composing music by the age of seven.

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