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About Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson net worthPamela Anderson is one of the female legends in the entertainment industry. She is well known for her looks as well as for her acting abilities. It has been stated that Pamela Anderson net worth reaches 5 million dollars, as of today.
Pamela Anderson was born in 1967 in British Columbia. She is known as an actress, model, author, producer, activist and a former showgirl, which all helped to accumulate the total amount of Pamela Anderson net worth. Pamela Anderson became an internationally known star when she started appearing in the TV show “Baywatch”. It has been reported that for every episode of the show in which she appeared Pamela Anderson was earning 300 thousand dollars, which increased the overall amount of Pamela Anderson net worth a lot.
When Pamela Anderson was born, it was believed that she was going to be a special baby because she was the first born on the Centennial day, which was the country’s birthday.

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