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Nelly net worthNelly, real name Cornell Iral Haynes, is a hip-hop artist and businessman from the United States, Missouri. Nelly started performing in 1993 with a group St. Lunatics. By the year 2000 he secured a contract with a major recording label Universal Records and started his solo career. Nelly’s debut album Country Grammar became an instant hit, debuted on the Billboard 200 at No. 3 and was later ranked at No. 1. Nelly net worth is currently estimated at $55 million.
Cornell formed the group St. Lunatics when he was still in high school. The band was quite popular in his hometown, but failed to attract wider audience and did not receive any attractive offers from record companies. Disappointed with his own project Nelly abandoned St. Lunatics and started to pursue solo career. It was not long before Nelly was noticed by A&R Kevin Law and signed a contract with Universal Records.
In the beginning most of the people within the company did not believe that Nelly will ever rise to prominence, his colleagues criticized both his music and lyrics.

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