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Michael Jordan net worthMichael Jordan is known for the sport fans all over the world as one of the best basketball players in history. His career in professional basketball is long over, but his star remains as well as his fortunes. Today Michael Jordan net worth is estimated to be around 500$ million dollars.
Jordan started his career at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1982. It wasn’t long before his talent was noticed nation-wide and he was invited to play at the Nation Basketball Association. In 1984 Jordan joined Chicago Bulls, one of the greatest teams in NBA. That is where his star reached the ultimate height and that is where he stayed for most of his career, leading Chicago bulls to 6 NBA Championship titles. For his amazing leaping ability Michael has earned the nicknames “His Airness” and “Air Jordan”.
He is also often named as one of the best defensive players in basketball, holds the record for highest scoring average during career and was inducted into the Hall of Fame on 2009.

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Michael Jordan net worth Michael Jordan net worth

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