Michael C. Hall net worth

Michael C. Hall net worth

Net Worth: $35 Million

About Michael C. Hall

It has been announced that one of the most known actors Michael C. Hall net worth reaches an amount of 35 million dollars. He is mostly known as a star from the TV series “Dexter”. Michael C. Hall has been stated to receive a salary of 500 thousand dollars for every appearance on that show, which apparently increases the total amount of Michael C. Hall net worth a lot. In the show, he is playing the main character of Dexter Morgan. The show is broadcasted on the Showtime TV Network.

Moreover, he is also known from the TV show “Six Feet Under”, in which he plays a role of David Fisher. The show is broadcasted on the HBO channel. It also increases Michael C. Hall net worth a lot. In 2009, his role as Dexter Morgan was evaluated with giving him two prestigious awards – Golden Globe and SAGA. Michael C. Hall has stated that while growing up, he had a very strong and warm relationship with his mother. It is worth mentioning that his father died from cancer when Michael C. Hall was 11 years old and his sister died while being an infant before Michael C. Hall was born. Before becoming an actor, Michael C. Hall was thinking about becoming a lawyer. When he attended 2nd grade, he appeared in his first school play which was called “What Love Is”. In 5th grade, he discovered that he liked singing and joined boys choir. Later, he also appeared in several school plays such as “The Sound of Music” and “Fiddler on the Roof”.

His first professional performances as an actor were in the theater. Later, he got noticed and was asked to portray a role of David Fisher in the TV show “Six Feet Under”. After the first season of the show, Michael C. Hall got nominated to get an Emmy in the category of the Outstanding Lead Actor in the Drama Series.
Talking about his current show “Dexter” he does not only appear in it, but also works behind the scenes. Michael C. Hall is also known as a co-producer of the show. Moreover, his ex-wife also appears in the show. She portrays a role of Debra Morgan, who in the show plays Michael C. Hall’s adoptive sister. Thus, the show “Dexter” brings a lot of financial success to the overall amount of Michael C. Hall net worth.

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