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Maury Povich net worthMaurice Richard Povich, better known as Maury Povich, is an American television personality. He is currently hosting a tabloid talk show entitled Maury. Maurice started his professional career in the early 1960s and gained nationwide recognition as a host of A Current Affair, television newsmagazine produced by 20th Century Fox. As for 2013, Maury Povich net worth is estimated at $20 million and his annual salary amounts to more than half of this sum: $13 million.
Maurice was born in Washington D.C., in a family of Ethyl and Shirley Povich. His father was a prominent journalist, columnist for The Washington Post and an author of several books, such as Washington Senators and All These Mornings. Despite his professional achievements, Sheryl’s fortune never came close to Maury Povich net worth. Nathan Povich, the father of Sheryl, immigrated to the United States from Lithuania in the late 19th century. Following his graduation from London School Maurice enrolled at University of Pennsylvania, where he studied television journalism.

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maury povich net worth maury povich net worth

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