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Matt Leblanc net worthMatthew Steven LeBlanc is an American actor, who gained international fame by portraying Joey Tribbiani in popular comedy series Friends and a spin-off show Joey. Since 2011 Matt has been staring in Jeffrey Klarik’s and David Crane’s series Episodes. During the period 1994-2004, when Leblanc appeared on Friends, he was nominated for Golden Globe Award three times. He finally won this accolade for his work on Episodes. Matt Leblanc net worth is currently estimated at $60 million dollars.
Matt was born in Massachusetts, in a family of office manager Patricia and mechanic Paul Leblanc. As his character in the popular TV series, Matt has some Italian blood through his maternal relatives. His father’s ancestors came from French part of Canada. Matt was good at acting and loved attention since he was a little kid. His professional career, which eventually boosted Matt Leblanc net worth to tens of millions, started in 1988. This year he was cast for the television drama TV 101, which only ran for one year.

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