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Lucille Ball net worthLucille Ball was a well known actress, model and TV star. At the time of her death in 1989, it was stated that Lucille Ball net worth reached 40 million dollars, which proved that her involvement into entertainment industry was very successful commercially as well as financially. Lucille Ball was the leading actress in a lot of TV shows, such as “I Love Lucy”, “Life with Lucy”, “The Lucy Show”, “The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour”, “Here’s Lucy” and apparently all these shows added up to the total sum of Lucille Ball net worth.
In addition, throughout her career in entertainment, Lucille Ball was a very influential person in the United States. In fact, Lucille Ball is considered to be as one of not so many stars, who have had a longest career in Hollywood. In the 1950s, Lucille Ball began to be recognized as a talented actress and this career became an important source of Lucille Ball net worth, as well.

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