La Toya Jackson net worth

La Toya Jackson net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About La Toya Jackson

La Toya Jackson is one of the members of the famous Jackson family, in which probably the most popular has been a mega star Michael Jackson. It has been claimed that La Toya Jackson net worth reaches an estimate of 4 million dollars. A huge part of her net worth has been accumulated through her being a model. However, La Toya Jackson today is retired from this career.

Since then, La Toya Jackson has been involved in many other activities, as well, such as being a musician, singer, songwriter, television star, author, actress and businessperson. All of these activities add a lot of financial success to the total estimate of La Toya Jackson net worth. Also, the star is known as one of the most prominent activists and philanthropists in the United States.

In the Jackson family, La Toya Jackson in the fifth kid. Throughout the years of 1980s and 1990s, La Toya Jackson was mainly known as a singer and had a splendid music career. In 2004, she came back to the music world and recorded a few hits such as “Free the World” and “Just Wanna Dance”, which both placed well in Billboard charts. In 2011, she released her EP, which was called “Starting Over”.

La Toya Jackson was born in Indiana on the same day as her sister. The star was born in 1956 as the fifth child out of all 10 kids of Jackson family. She admitted that she was one of the shiest kids in the family. Also, she used to spread beliefs of Jehovah while growing up with the rest members of the family, the belief, which was propagated by her mother.

In 1972, La Toya Jackson became a part of a tap dancing troupe, which was made of all Jackson kids, and which was managed by their father, who organized troupe’s shows in many cities, including Las Vegas. Thus, her path to the entertainment industry started, which added a lot of dollars to the total amount of La Toya Jackson net worth.

Also, La Toya Jackson wanted to become a lawyer and to be an attorney in business law. Therefore, she enrolled into college, however, it did not last long because her father wanted to join her brothers in the show business and she had to leave the college because of that. Nevertheless, it seems like it was the best decision knowing the fact that it added a lot of financial success to the huge La Toya Jackson net worth.

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