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Julia Roberts net worthJulia Fiona Roberts, professionally known just as Julia Roberts, is one of the most popular Hollywood actresses. She gained international recognition by staring in a movie Pretty Woman, which reached the cinemas in 1990 and grossed a total of $464 million. In 2000 Julia received an Academy Award for the Best Actress for her role in Erin Brockovich. Her other significant roles were in the movies Steel Magnolias, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Ocean’s Eleven, Notting Hill, Charlie Wilson’s War and more recently- Mirror Mirror. Julia Roberts net worth is currently estimated at $140 million.
Julia was born in Georgia, in a family of Betty Lou and Walter Grady Roberts. Her parents, whose ancestors came from Scotland, Ireland, Germany, England and Sweden, belonged to different confessions and Julia was raised Catholic just as her mother. Julia is not the only actress in the family. Both of her parents were stage actors at some point in their lives, they actually met while performing for the armed forces.

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