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Julia Louis-dreyfus net worthJulia Louis-Dreyfus is a popular American comedian, actress and producer. She is best known for staring in a situation comedy Seinfeld, her role in TV series The New Adventures of Old Christine and Veep. The current Julia Louis-Dreyfus net worth is estimated to be around 3 billion dollars.
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Julia’s professional career began in the 80s, when she has participated in casting Saturday Night Live. However what earned young actress a nationwide acclamation was her role in Seinfeld, where she has appeared as Elaine Benes together with Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld himself. In this role her talent for acting was noticed by both critics and TV viewers. Her latter career included acting in TV series Watching Ellie, which was developed by a “family team” of Julia and her husband, a famous American actor and writer William Brad Hall.

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