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Judge Judy net worthJudge Judy, real name Judith Sheindlin, is American television host, judge, lawyer and book author. She is best known for her reality series Judge Judy, which has been syndicated since 1996. Judith has been working in family court (an organ convened to decide matters and make orders in relation to family law, such as custody of children) since she finished her education in 1965. In early 1990s she became widely known as a woman dedicated to improve a quality of court system in the US. Judge Judy net worth is currently estimated at $90 million. As for the year 2012 Judith’s annual salary was $45 million, making her the highest paid television personality. During nearly two decades on air Judith Judy was nominated for Daytime Emmy Award 13 times.
Judith was born in New York in 1942. Her grandparents from her father’s side were both immigrants from Ukraine and Russia. Judith has described her father as one of the greatest men she has ever met and her mother as a simple, straightforward woman.

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