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Jimmy Fallon net worthJames Thomas Fallon, better known as Jimmy Fallon, is an American comedian, singer, actor and television personality, best known for hosting a talk-show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, aired on NBC. He gained prominence in the late 1990s, appearing on live television sketch comedy Saturday Night Live. In SNL James enacted a number of reoccurring characters, including Pat O’Brien, Carson Daly (mostly remembered for a catch phrase “I’m a massive tool”), Barry Gibb and Nick Burns, a witty tech support representative. In spring 2013 NBC announced that James is going to temporarily replace a comedian Jay Leno at The Tonight Show. As for today, Jimmy Fallon net worth is estimated at $16 million.
James was born in Brooklyn, in a family of James W. and Gloria Fallon. His father is a former solder, Vietnam War veteran. After serving his duty, James W. landed a job at IBM in New York.

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