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About Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham net worthJeff Dunham is probably the most successful stand up comedian in the United States. This career helped him to secure his financial status, as well, with the current Jeff Dunham net worth have been stated to reach 45 million dollars. In fact, in 2009, Jeff Dunham earned 23 million dollars. One year later, his annual payment reached 20 million dollars. In addition to being a stand up comedian, Jeff Dunham is a well known ventriloquist and his performances are loved all across the United States.
Jeff Dunham has been appearing on stage, as well as in films and TV productions and all these appearances have added a lot of revenues to Jeff Dunham net worth. Alongside his puppet Debbie, Jeff Dunham starred in a film called “Dinner for Schmucks”, where he appeared with actors, such as Steve Carell and Paul Rudd.

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