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Howard Hughes net worthHoward Robard Hughes, who died in the mid 1970s, was an American investor, business magnate, film maker, aerospace engineer, aviator and philantrophist. In the mid-20th century he was widely considered one of the richest men in the world. As a film maker, Hughes gained prominence with such controversial and unforgettable movies as The Racket, Hell’s Angels, The Outlaw and Scarface. As an aviator and engineer he went down to history by setting a several world air speed records, building H-4 (better known as Hercules) and Hughes H-1 Racer. Among his friends and in the wider circles Howard is also remembered for his reclusive lifestyle and often eccentric behavior, at least partially caused by the chronic pain and obsessive-compulsive disorder he suffered from. Howard Hughes net worth is currently estimated at $4 billion.
Howard was born in Texas, to Allene Stone Gano and Howard R. Hughes Sr. His mother originated from the noble family and was a far descendant of the man named Owen Tudor, a second husband of Dowager Queen of England.

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howard hughes net worth

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