George W Bush net worth

About George W Bush

George W Bush net worthIt has been estimated that George W Bush net worth has an amount of 35 million dollars, the same estimate which belongs to a rapper T-Pain, as well. George W Bush is known as one of the most popular presidents of the United States, which earned a bigger part of his net worth to him. In addition to being a former president of the United States, George W Bush is also known as a former governor of Texas.
He was born in Connecticut, but moved to live to Texas, where he stayed till he had to go to high school. Later, George W Bush moved to Massachusetts, where he attended Philips Academy. Also, he was a student at Yale University, where he got a degree of Bachelor of Arts. After graduation, George W Bush became part of the Texas Air National Guard. Before he got involved into politics, which increased George W Bush net worth a lot, he was studying at the Harvard Business School.

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