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George Lucas net worthGeorge Walton Lucas is an American film director, producer, screenwriter and entrepreneur, best known for his legendary movies Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Even having in mind that he is one of the most successful film industry personalities George Lucas net worth is simply astonishing: $7.3 billion. George was born in California, Modesto city and that’s where he grew up. Since his childhood Lucas has dreamed about becoming a race car driver, however it was not meant to become true. As a teenager George got in a terrible car crash.
Although he ended up well, this accident changed his personality and made him reconsider his future plans. Some fans would probably say that the fatal experience worked for good- after that Lucas got interested in film making. George Lucas eventually went to study in the University of Southern California where he met another great filmmaker Steven Spielberg and became good friends with him.

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George Lucas net worth George Lucas net worth

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