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George Lopez net worthGeorge Lopez, born in 1961, is an American Actor, comedian and television personality. He is widely recognized as a star of his self-produced situation comedy George Lopez. The show debuted on ABC in 2002 and was aired for five seasons. Its plot evolved around a fictionalized character George, an aviation factory worker, and his family: Carmen, Max and Angie. As a stand-up comedian Lopez often draws on intense topics, such as ethic relations and cultural stereotypes. In 2009 George started to host his own television talk-show Lopez Night, aired on TBS. This program, which was characterized as highly energetic and included audience interaction, was cancelled in 2011. As for the yearly 2013, George Lopez net worth is estimated at $50 million dollars.
Lopez was born in California, in a family of Mexican ancestry. George’s father walked on him before the boy was able to memorize his face. When Lopez turned 10 years old, his biological mother also turned on him and fled from the city to look for the easier life.

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