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Gayle King net worthGayle King, currently nearly 60 years old, is a successful American journalist, best known as the co-anchor of CBS This Morning. The show is aired live from Monday to Friday and specializes in providing “hard news” and analysis, as opposed to kind of “infotainment” you get from the other news programs. Gayle’s colleagues on CBS This Morning are Norah O’Donnell and Charlie Rose. King is also working as an editor-at-large for the popular O, The Oprah Magazine, the publication which seeks to inspire readers to take the best of their lives. As for 2013, Gayle King net worth is estimated at $20 million.
Gayle was born in Maryland, in a family of a homemaker and electrical engineer. When King was still a kid, the whole family had to temporarily move to Turkey, were her father was offered a job. Although Mr. King’s fortune never came close to Gayle King net worth, he was a considerably wealthy man, highly respected in his professional circle.

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