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About Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre net worthIt has been announced that the estimate of Dr. Dre net worth reaches 360 million dollars. To most of the people he is known as a rapper. However, he also works behind the scenes of the music industry and is known as a producer, as well. Dr. Dre is also known to be active in the acting scene, which is another important source of Dr. Dre net worth.
His real birth name is Andre Romelle Young, however, in the entertainment industry he is mostly known as Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre grew up in Los Angeles, where he was raised in the heat of West coast hip hop scene. Also, Dr. Dre soon became a frequent visitor at various night clubs and immediately learnt how to be a DJ. In 1984, he joined the crew of “World Class Wreckin Cru” which was known to be a group specializing in electro and hip hop.

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