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Dennis Rodman net worthDennis Keith Rodman is a former American basketball player and a member of Hall of Fame. During his career on the National basketball League he played with San Antonio Spurs, Detroit Pistons, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks. He is a five times NBA champion, two times NBA Defensive Player of the year, seven times All-Defensive of the Year and a seven time NBA rebounding champion. With all these accolades and after more than 16 years on NBA, Dennis Rodman net worth is currently estimated at minus $1 million.
Dennis was born in New Jersey, in a troubled family of Philander and Shirley Rodman. His father, a former airlines pilot, went to fight in the Vietnam War and left a family when Dennis was still a toddler. Since the day he walked out of home Dennis has not seen his father for more than 40 years. In one of his interviews Rodman has revealed that he never felt like he had a father at all. Philander himself has stated that besides Dennis he has 25 or 27 kids, but according to Dennis this number could be even higher.

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