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Dave Chappelle net worthDave Chappelle is a talented comedian, actor, television and film producer. Dave’s career in acting began in 1993, when he got a small role in the movie Robin Hood: Men in Tights. After this debut he became a cast member in The Nutty Professor, Blue Streak and Con Air. Chappelle got his first major role in 1998, in a movie Half Baked. He gained a national recognition five years later, when his own program Chappelle‘s Show began to run on Comedy Central. Dave Chappelle net worth is currently estimated at $ 30 million.
Chappelle was born in Washington D.C, in 1973. Both of his parents were intellectuals and college professors: his father William David Chappelle used to lecture at Antioch College and his mother Yvonne Reed worked at University of Maryland. His parents divorced when Dave was still a kid. Since then Dave used to spend most of the year in Maryland with his mom and visited his father in Ohio during the summers.

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