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Damon Wayans net worthDamon Wayans, full name Damon Kyle Wayans Sr., is a popular actor, stand-up comedian and author. He gained prominence in the 1990s, appearing on various TV shows and series, such as Saturday Night Live, In Living Color and Beverly Hills Cop. Damon earned further recognition starring in the movies The Great White Hype and The Last Boy Scout. In 1996 he debuted as a producer with cartoon Waynehead. The show was loosely based on Damon’s own childhood memories. Waynehead did not find its audience and was canceled the following year, thus Wayans continued his career as actor and comedian. His other notable roles were in television series Damon and The Underground. As for 2013, Damon Wayans net worth is estimated at $35 million.
Damon was born in New York City, in a family of Elvira and Howell Wayans. His mother was a social worker and homemaker, while his father was a supermarket manager.

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