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Chuck Norris net worthCarlos Ray Norris, better known as Chuck Norris, is an American actor and martial artist. He served in the Unites States Air Force and rose to the fame after opening his own martial arts school Chun Kuk Do. During his career Chuck appeared in numerous action movies, including Way of the Dragon with Bruce Lee and most notably Walker, Texas Ranger. He is deeply religious and supports conservative party. Chuck has campaigned for some Republican candidates, including Mike Huckabee, and donated vast sums for their cause. He has also published several books on Christianity and has a regular column on conservative website World Net Daily. Chuck Norris net worth is currently estimated at $26 million.
Chuck was born in Oklahoma, in a family of Wilma and Ray Norris. His father, a bus and truck driver, who was also deeply religious, named his first sun after Carlos Berry, his minister. Wilma and Ray separated when their three sons were still teenagers and the boys with their mother moved to live in California.

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