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Brett Favre net worthBrett Favre, middle name Lorenzo, is a retired American football quarterback. For most of his professional career Brett played for Green Bay Packers, National Football League’s team based in Wisconsin. In the beginning of his career Favre spent one season with Atlanta Falcons. For the last two years before his retirement he played for New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings. As for 2013, Brett Favre net worth is estimated at $100 million. For his career achievements this athlete holds eleven Pro Bowl awards, three First Team All-Pro, three Second Team All-Pro, three AP NFL MVP, five NFL Player of the Year and two NFC Champion awards.
Brett was born in Mississippi, in a family of Bonita and Irvin Favre. His parents were of Choctaw and French ancestry and both worked as teachers in the local Cockney County School. One of Brett’s paternal ancestors, Simon Favre, was a prominent Spanish figure, an interpreter of Chickasaw and Choctaw languages for the noble British, Spanish and French Americans.

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