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Bobby Brown net worthBobby Brown (real name Robert Barisford Brown) is a contemporary R&B singer, songwriter, dancer and a little less often- rapper. Bobby started his career singing pop songs with a band New Edition. However he was soon kicked out of the group for his incapacity to behave responsibly and properly. One could say that Brown’s forced removal has worked for the best, as soon after that he has changed his music style and started solo career. Eventually Bobbie became more famous and prosperous than his former band ever was or will be. Bobbie Brown net worth is currently estimated at $5 million.
Bobby was born in a large family with eight children. His mother was a teacher at school and his father worked at the constructions. Needless to say, with eight mouths to feed his parent were not well-off people. It is hard to believe it now, when Bobbie Brown net worth is 5$ million, but in his childhood poverty has forced him to shoplift. When the boy got caught and was asked why he did that, Bobbie explained he prefers to risk stealing than to ask his parents for money, because they lack it for themselves.

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Bobby Brown net worth Bobby Brown net worth

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