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Berry Gordy net worthBerry Gordy is an American songwriter and record producer. He is widely known as the founder of one of the most profitable record labels, Motown. As for 2013, Berry Gordy net worth is estimated at $345 million, making him one of the wealthiest men in music industry. The future millionaire was born in Detroit, in a large family of Bertha Fuller and Berry Gordy II. Berry is one of the youngest kids brought to the world by Bertha and has seven siblings: Esther, Loucye, Anna, Gwen, George, Fuller and Robert.
Unlike his older brothers and sisters, Berry never showed interest in studying and decided to quit high school after eleventh grade. As most of the young people, he dreamed about getting rich fast and preferably without much effort. At first, Gordy tried to fulfill this dream by becoming a professional boxer. Unfortunately, when Gordy turned 21 he was forced to serve his civil duty and join the U.

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