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Bam Margera net worthBam Margera, real name Brandon Cole Margera, is America’s beloved daredevil, professional skateboarder, radio and television personality. Bam became widely recognized after he appeared on MTV show Jackass; he later became a start of MTV’s shows Bam’s Unholy Union, Viva la Bam and three full-length Jackass movies. Margera has also participated in writing and directing two films, Haggard and Minghags. Bam Margera net worth is currently estimated at $45 million.
Margera was born in Pennsylvania, in a family of April and Philip Margera. Bam is a second child in the family and has an elder brother Jesse Margera. Not only the fame boosted Bam Margera net worth, his whole family became rich and famous due to Bam’s popularity.
They appeared on the shows Viva la Bam, Jackass, Minghams: The Movie. However, not all the Margeras are living a dream. In 2006 the whole family was shocked by an ugly lawsuit.

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