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Axl Rose net worthW. Axl Rose, born William Bruce Rose is musician, singer and song writer, best known as the leading vocal of the legendary American hard rock band Guns’N’Roses. William is currently the only member of the group that remains in the position since the group was founded in 1985. Axl was entitled on one of the greatest singers in the history by various magazines, including NME and Rolling Stone. Axl Rose net worth is currently estimated at $150 million.
William was born in Indiana to a sixteen year old Sharon Lintner and four year older William Bruce Rose. Axl’s father walked on him and his teenage mother when the boy was only 2 year old. At that time his single mother barely managed to feed her baby and nobody could have dream that one day Axl Rose net worth will be $150 million. His mother eventually remarried Stephen L. Bailey and William was given his family name.
When all this happened Axl was so young, later he could not remember his biological father and thought that Stephen was his real dad until he turned 17.

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axl rose net worth axl rose net worth

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