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Angelina Jolie net worthOne of the most prominent figures in the entertainment industry is considered to be Angelina Jolie. It has been estimated that the amount of Angelina Jolie net worth reaches 145 million dollars, which reflects her active life in the entertainment business, mainly in the cinema industry.
Angelina Jolie grew up moving from New York to Los Angeles all the time, mainly due to the professions of her parents, who both were actors. Her mother is actress Marcheline Bertrand and her father, also an actor, is John Voight. She began interested into acting in her early years. However, as a teenager, Angelina Jolie was more focused on her modeling career and appearing in various music videos.
Her first big appearance in the cinema business happened in 1993, when Angelina Jolie appeared in a movie called “Cyborg 2”. In 1995, Angelina Jolie was casted to appear in a film “Hackers”, which became a huge hit.

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